Case Studies

BWB Consulting “Completed”

Engineering consultants – Professional services

Construction Sector


Initially a Financial management referral from HSBC

Outcome 5 years later – Business turn-around and successful MBO


5 Years Covered:

Started when loss making & breaching bank covenant. No financial focus.

Ended with profit and cash generation turn-round

Resolution and Completion of stalled succession process – a business restraint

Catalysed succession – Buy out of 2 of 3 main shareholders – hostage negotiations

Re-grouping and re-focusing of management team – through structured control

and decision making process

Chairmanship of the board and team – Honest Broker role

Notts Sports - “Ongoing”

(Sport Surfaces Company)



Difficult financial position Winter 2011

Difficult trading conditions 2011 to 2013

MD/Owner Frustrated

Losses – direction – commitment of key management team / Directors – ownership of the business problems


Outcome 2017

Management tema role re-established with financial and strategic focus (plan and its delivery)

Business plan now established with key roles and deliverables clear

Succession plan implemented

A new MD has been successfully groomed from within – now a cohesive Board of Directors

Sound financing now established – took 3 funding rounds


Sales pipeline visible and planned – sales growth – financial performance improved with financial plan

But still much to do to maximise profitability


Owner and team re-invigorated in the business and key skills now being exploited


Company value increasing – marking and product opportunities with clear route to achievement but IMPORTANTLY with sustainability

ATM Engineering - “Completed”

Manufacturing Capital Goods


The Problems

Stalled board team process – little direction and team work

MD frustrated with direction and with key director management

referred by Chris Darlington to catalyse and move the situation on



Business plan with key roles and deliverables clear

Focussed and motivated Director team – including a key new recruit

Strong Medium term incentive scheme implemented

MD/Owner re-invigorated in the business and driving the “Cart” not pulling

Financial performance improved with financial and business plan

Owner retired to 2 days per week and profit potential being realised


3 other companies currently similar work in progress


Lloyd Pascal (Slemcka) Wholesaler / Imported - “Completed”

Suppliers to High Street Retail – Import from Far East

Family owned business

Complex politics – 2 parts to the business

One loss making / One profitable

Winter 2009  - Summer 2017


Called in by Barclays via Bob Johnson to provide financial support for severely loss making part – turnaround



Both parts now trading as one company

Both parts now talking – starting to extract synergy benefits

Loss making part stabilised and has been profitable for several years


Now potential for succession delivery amongst the 5 siblings and off-springs – hostage negotiations!


Outcome – Process of the business re-invention – despite the politics – handed over to the new Executive team – MD is one of the family’s sons


© Ian Guyler